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Eviol Capsules

With Vitamin E


Your skin is harmed daily by the sun, stress, smoke, poor diet, pollution, weather changes and many other harmful factors that work accumulatively but also negatively in the appearance of your skin.

Eviol Care capsules strengthens your defense against all of these harmful factors while it keeps your face young, moisturized, soft and bright, while preventing or even removing signs of time.

Eviol Care CapsulesBased on vitamin E known for its anti-oxide action in combination with vitamin A, almond oil, coconut oil and other carefully selected ingredients.

Eviol Care Capsules offers a strengthened protection, by caring in depth for your face and by making it resistant against all of the factors that harm it.

EVIOL CARE capsules, thanks to the ingredients, offers to your face daily:

Moisturizing and Revitalizing
Brightness and Youthfulness
Exceptionally soft touch
Refreshing and Fortifying
Firming and anti-wrinkle protection
Protection from free roots, the main factor for old skin.

Clinically and dermatologically tested
EVIOL CARE capsules has been carefully tested and is:

. Safe and hypoallergic
. Compatible for all types of skins
. Clinically tested
. Dermatologically tested
. Moisturizing and refreshing proven

In addition, EVIOL CARE capsules has been studied and developed for daily use, as a basic care product of your face, ensuring:
. Quickly absorbed leaving no red marks
. Practical packing
. Neutral scent
. Reasonable price for daily use
. Regular or intensive care

EVIOL CARE capsules tends to your face in depth, in combination with any other skin care product you use daily.
Apply mostly at night for more result and to rest your skin from the cosmetics you have used during the day.
For a more intensive care, you may also apply EVIOL CARE capsules in the morning before using your day cream.

Instructions for use of capsule EVIOL CARE
a. Hold the capsule from its top and twist it hard until the upper part is completely off.
b. Gently squeeze the capsule’s lower part, so that the content comes out on your fingertips.
c. Gently massage with your fingertips by widely applying the content on your face, neck and bust, avoiding the eye area.

Special precautions during use
For outer use only.  do not swallow the capsules.  Keep out of the reach of children.

The capsules must be stored within their package, safely closed, in a cool and dry place.

Manufactured packaged by G.A. Pharmaceuticals. S.A. Athens 17341, Tel: 2109310980

It is stressed that EVIOL CARE capsules contains ingredients that are friendly to the environment and have not been animal tested.  EVIOL CARE capsules cares for the protection and resistance of your face so that it remains young, bright, moisturized, and soft refreshed.

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